Monday, March 13, 2017

Book review: When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi.

When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi is an biography about Paul a neurosurgeon who in his late 30s is faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis. In 2013 he was diagnosis with IV lung cancer. He died in 2015.

This is a very intense and emotional book. It's about Paul who works as a doctor and one day discovers that he has lung cancer. Even though he never in his entire life smoked. The book focuses on his life as a husband, his relationship with the woman he is married to and how he must leave the woman he loves so much too early. It's about Paul as a father and his newborn daughter he will never see grow up. It's also about Paul as a man, about his family and his thoughts about life and the time he has left to live.

I have experienced cancer at close range in my family and there is always something I've heard about since I was a child. This is a strong and important topic to read about and I'm glad that people choose to share their experiences and stories. What is a little different with this book compared to what I've read before is that Paul himself is a doctor and you get to know a little more about the academic aspects of cancer.

I read Paul's story with mixed feelings. When I first decided to read this book I knew it would be sad and heartbreaking at times. Tears appeared on several occasions and I felt the oppressive lump in my throat. It is impossible not to feel sad and emotionally when someone tells about having cancer and it almost feels like they dies before your eyes. Even if you know they've already died when you read the book. Something that made this story even more emotionally was the epilogue written by his wife. Knowing when she wrote those words, he was gone and she was alone with their daughter. This is a book I really recommend you all to read and I'm glad that I read it, so I got to know Paul and his history.

6 stars.

~ Elin ~

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