Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Movie review: Beauty and the beast 2017.



This is one of the best live action movies I've seen in a long time. I loved it from the start. When I got home I went straight to my computer and pre ordered it. 

I loved the music, of the new songs were Evermore my new favorite. Especially when Dan Stevens performed it. He sang it amazingly well. I felt a tear or two on my cheek when I heard it. There was something about the atmosphere of the movie when the song was played. Very touching and emotionally. Both Emma Watson and Dan Stevens was fantastic in their roles. They looked incredibly good as Belle and the Beast / the Prince. I was very pleasantly surprised by the chemistry between them. Something that I feel is important especially in this type of movie.

Enjoyed both the story and the different characters. I felt they brought much from the animated version into this movie and what was added to the story, matched well with the "old ". The only thing I noticed that I think they could have done a little different was the appearance of some of the characters in the castle. Felt it was a bit too antique in a way. The appearance of the clock and candlestick was a little too artistic and detailed. It was hard to see the feelings and emotion in them. When it comes to how they had made the beast, I loved it. One of my favorite detail was that you could actually see the eyes of Dan Stevens in the Beast. I've always felt the magic of Beauty and the Beast movie is that Belle recognize him from the eyes. 
Something else was the scene when the Beast is transformed into the prince again. It has always been one of my favorite scenes so I was so relieved to see almost the same scene in this movie.

Then to Gaston and Lefou, I loved both characters. Luke Evans and Josh Gad perfectly matched to the roles they had. I felt Josh was a big part of the humorous side of the movie. I laughed heartily and all the scenes they had together was perfect. Although I am happy Lefou went over on the other side in the end, Gaston deserves his fate in the end.

I want to mention another part of the movie I liked a lot, when all the characters in the castle had to fight against the villagers. The way the candlestick and all the other living objects fight was made in a very funny way. I felt everyone in the cinema laughed at that scene. 

So the question I feel everyone wonder when it comes to this type of movie. Could the actors sing? I felt they could. Of course, some better than others. But I felt they all sang well in this movie. Specially Dan Stevens. Loved his voice so much <3

Recommend you all to see this movie :-D

~ Elin ~


  1. I haven't seen it yet... :P Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I LOVED this movie, it was so good! I thought Disney combined the nostalgia with the old and the new stuff perfectly!