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Book review: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. SPOILERS!

Passenger (Passenger, #1)

I finished Passenger and needed to talk about it right away. As you might guess, I have a lot of feelings about this book, which I just have to share. I love this book so much and to tell you the truth, when I read the first pages of story, I didn't thought I would love it as much as I did in the end. I loved the characters. Etta and Nicholas was fantastic main characters. I love how we got to see the story from both their sides.

When we first meet Etta she is in New York in our time. She is a violin prodigy, living a normal life. In one night her life is turnes upside down. Before she completely understands what happened to her, has a strange girl named Sophia Ironwood pushed her literally into the past.

In the Atlantic in 1776, Etta begins to understand that she is no longer in the same century.  She quickly learns about the secret her mother has kept hidden, about time traveling being a part of her heritage. On the ship in the 18th century, she meet Nicholas - another time travler. They have to work together when a powerful man is threatens the life of Etta's mother and is planing on using a special object her mother has hidden to change the world forever.

Nicholas is half black and I love that diversity of the story. I love his personality. For me he was a typical old fashioned kind of guy. He feels pain and guilt for what happened to his half brother. He is used to people looking at him as someone worth less. Even though he is a free man, he is still black. He is trying to get a life on his own by being a legal pirate on a ship. The only life he can have in the 18th century, away from the Ironwood family and the time travel life. When he meet Etta he is suprised over the way she talk and behave in front of him. She don't look at him the same way he is used to from other people and she is different than the girls from his time. He believe in honor, doing the right thing. From the start he tells Etta that he wouldn't leave her if he didn't though she was safe, you really understand the kind of guy he is. I saw him as the person that would shot someone first and ask forgiveness afterwards. He was very polite all the time.

The love story between Etta and Nicholas was sweet and lovely. You chould really see the attraction they share for each other from the start. I love how they become friends first and how their feelings developed from there. Yes the love story is insta-love, but for me it was perfect written. One of my favorite insta-love I read lately. It really suprised me how much I love their realtionship because I almost never love insta-love.

We see the two main characters travel through time together to find the astrolabe her mother Rose have hidden from the Ironwood. On a treasure hunt with only Etta's mother riddles to help them. I love time travel and in this story it was explained in a good way. I love the different places they visit and the people they met there. First Etta and Nicholas don't agree about what to do about the astrolabe when they find it. A object that can create new time holes. Nicholas believe his way is right, to save both their lives and Etta's mother. While Etta want a way to save her mother without giving away the astrolabe. She belive her mother hidden it for a reason.

Etta is a very realistic girl and typical 21st century city girl. She tries to understand all the new things. She isn't suddenly good at fighting or using a gun, just because she can travel through time. What I love more than anything about her was her way of never giving up. Even though she was stranded on a ship in the 18th century, she decided to find her way home.

The ending of the book was good. First I thought Sophia was the most stupid girl in the entire universe and she was. I never felt sorry for her. It didn't suprised me who the men was and what she did in the end. How she was planning on going against the Ironwood the entire time to take over. What really was a big shock for me was Etta... death. Just as Nicholas I was absolutely sure she was death and it was so sad. I felt so sorry for Nicholas. Then suddenly Etta's mother show up and she has escape from the Ironwood. The way she tells it like it was not a big deal made me so angry. I felt in that moment she didn't care much about her daughter. Specially her reaction when Nicholas tells her what happened. Then she tells Nicholas that Etta is still alive and is stuck in a wrinkle in time and they will find her, I have never felt so relieved in my life before. But why was her mother so chill the entire time? It's her daughter's life on stake. I was everything but chill when I read the ending.

I can't wait for the next book and I'm so curious about Etta's father. And meeting Julian, Nicholas's half brother. Yup I'm sure he is alive now. I had a hunch about it from the start. No body, no crime. I also want to know more about Etta's mother. I haven't forgive her yet and specially when she told Nicholas about Alice.  How could she be so heartless? But I have a feeling there is more about Alice death than she told Nicholas. Maybe Alice needed to be death because of Etta's future? Or Alice ask her to kill her because of Etta's journey? I guess I have to wait for the next book to know what really happened.

5 stars!

~ Elin ~

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