Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Book review: My not so perfect life by Sophie Kinsella.

My not so perfect life by Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorites contemporary books. With both laugh-out-load and warm-hearted moments this book was a amazing reading experience. I'm usually not a fan of romantic comedy, but if this book had become a movie. I would have seen it several times.

The story follows Country girl Katie Brenner, she have a flat in London and a glamorous job, and a super-cool Instagram feed. At least that is what she want everyone else to think. Okay, so the true is a bit different. She have a small bedroom and a appartment she share with two other roomates who don't talk to her and the pictures on Instagram is not from her life. But randomely people she sees in the cafe and other places in London. Her work at a branding agency isn't what she hoped for, with no real friends and a boss who can't remember her name. When she meet a handsome and charming guy at work, things changes for the better and he gives her the courage she need to present her ideas for her boss Demetere. But then Demetere suddenly fired her and all of Katie's dreams is crushed in a thousand pieces. She have to leave London and move back home to her father and step mother. Katie returned to her family farm. Together with her parents she started a glamping bussiness. She tries to stay positive and hope to one day return to London. Months later, her old boss Demetere shows up with her two children and husband. They are glamping guests at the farm. Her parents are unaware that she got fired and thinks she has taken a break from work just for a while. Katie is afraid that everything will come out, but when Demetere does not remember her, she decides to take revenge. 

I love Katie as a main character. She was lovely, funny and interesting. You really felt for her and her situation. The story is perhaps a bit predictable and chessy at times but for me that is what made it so fun to read. I love the side characters. OMG! Alex!!! I love him. He was so charming, sweet and likable. Alex was perfect as a romantic hero in Katie's story. I love the ending, so perfect and Katie was still Katie. Ha ha. I did love Demetere in the end. I loved it when they become friends.

5 stars. 

~ Elin ~


  1. Har lest noen av shopoholiker-bøkene til Kinsella, men ble lei av dem så leste ikke hele serien. Syntes denne boken virket morsom, og selv om historien kan være "cheesy" så har den jo sikkert underholdningsverdi :D
    - Siri

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    2. Ja jeg like den veldig godt. Men har aldri lest noen av de andre bøkene hennes (siden dette var den første boka jeg leste av henne), så jeg kan ikke si om den er bedre eller dårligere enn de andre bøkene hun har skrevet.